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  • If camp registration is cancelled 2 weeks before - 50% refund*

  • If camp registration is cancelled less than 2 weeks before - no refund*

  • No refunds for missed classes or single day camps - can give coupon for other studio events

  • Refunds given per day if instructor needs to cancel class.

  • Registration minimum (3) must be met for camp to be held. Full refunds will be given is camp is cancelled for this reason.

  • Messy Hands & Happy Hearts welcomes all children and families

  • Messy Hands & Happy Hearts reserves the right to restrict an artist from attending future classes due to harm to other students, facilities, or instructors.

  • Campers must bring peanut free snack and water bottle daily

  • Pictures/videos may be posted on social media, website, advertising unless consent revoked on registration form

  • There will be alternative activities if there is a project that a camper does not want to complete. 

  • Please ensure all campers wear clothes and shoes that are okay to get messy. Some paint and materials may stain clothes. 

  • I understand that there are risks involved in participating in activities at Messy Hands & Happy Hearts. I agree not to hold the Studio or any instructors responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur. This waiver applies to all activities at the Studio.


  * Applies to Summer Camps


  • Messy Hands Campers treat fellow campers, instructors, and themselves with kindness, patience, and consideration.

  • Messy Hands Campers embrace, acknowledge, and celebrate the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and abilities of all campers. 

  • Messy Hands Campers do their best to follow instructions. They listen carefully to instructors and follow instructions quickly and carefully. 

  • Messy Hands Campers keep hands, feet, and materials to themselves at all times. 

  • Messy Hands Campers respect the personal space and property of other campers and instructors.

  • Messy Hands Campers use kind, encouraging words with themselves, fellow campers, and instructors.

  • Messy Hands Campers share and collaborate to the best of their ability. 

  • Messy Hands Campers are thoughtful of the Messy Hands & Happy Hearts studio and treat facilities, art materials, and equipment with care. 

  • Messy Hands Campers do their best to clean up after themselves.

  • Messy Hands Campers put safety first. They follow safety guidelines provided by instructors and report any unsafe situations or accidents immediately.

  • Messy Hands Campers do their best to ask for help when they need it.

  • Messy Hands Campers do their best to have FUN! They try to embrace creativity and have an open mind :)

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