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Birthday Party Themes/Activity Choices!

Ages 1 - 4

Enjoy letting your little one make a mess with their best friends and family! Choose a theme and we will set up the mess!

  • Rainbows

  • Bugs

  • Sweet Treats

  • Pets

  • Dinosaurs

  • Things that GO!

  • Choose your own (+$50 for supplies and prep)

Ages 5 - 8

Bigger kids can handle bigger messes! Pick from a teacher led paint project, action art play, or a pre selected craft!

  • Action Art Stations

  • Pre drawn Canvas painting (send ideas and I will send proof for approval) 

  • Slime making + playing

  • Tie Dye (+$50 for items)

  • Glitter Jars or Bags

  • Friendship bracelets

Ages 9 and up

Let your crafty kid dive into a detailed project or creation stations - whatever they would like! 

  • Action Art Stations

  • Canvas Painting 

  • Slime 

  • Tie Dye (+50 for items)

  • Glitter Jars or Bags

  • Jewelry

  • Garden Party (paint and plant)

  • Paint Pouring  (+$50)

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