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Providing opportunities for children to freely explore has endless benefits in all developmental domains:  

Children will be able to flex their curiosity! They will ask the what ifs, learn cause and effect, and make plans and decide how to follow through.

Children will have opportunities to collaborate with their classmates. Encourage them to share their favorite tool with a friend!

Children will be able to improve their fine motor skills (hand/finger movement). Pay attention to how their control of the paint brush improves!

Children will have new opportunities to practice independence and routines! Watch their ability to wash their hands improve as they get motivated  to move on to the next activity faster!

Take the opportunity to develop  trust and secure  attachment when they see that you trust them to take risks and are there to support them when they need you. Acknowledge their excitement and frustrations.

Children will see themselves as creators that have the ability to make decisions. Pay attention to how proud they are to show you and their teacher their work!

Children will be able to increase communication skills. They will request their favorite color paint or ask for help in reaching a piece of paper. 

Children's vocabulary will expand! Listen to how they describe what they are feeling and seeing. 

If you cringe at the thought of your child squishing paint between their fingers - we get it!  We are not often given the message that it is OKAY to make a MESS. At Messy Hands & Happy Hearts, we will be there to help you with the sticky, sandy, slimy things your child loves. We will also be there to help you realize the beauty and the opportunities in the mess!

Focus on the PROCESS rather than the PRODUCT

We will support your focus on the experience rather than the outcome with your child! Their painting might not look like the example (or you might not even be sure what it looks like!) but we will still celebrate their creation! When children are allowed to freely create, they will be excited to try new techniques, explore different materials, and will not have the distraction of worrying about if their art is "right". Part of the design of Messy Hands & Happy Hearts is that there is very limited design! The time is set up to be child led; let them decide how they would like to spend their time with you. Come for 15 minutes or for the entire session. Move at a pace that feels right for your child and you. 


A community of happy, healthy adults begins with a community of happy, healthy children. 

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